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Nabua Circle, USA, Marks a Beginning
By: Rod Castaneda

We are the new organization under the umbrella of the Devotees of Our Lady of Penafrancia, we are the Nabua Circle, USA. Our organization was formed in August 1998 and joined the “Devotees” in November of the same year. Our energetic membership whose agenda is to have good clean fun and more youth participation in our cultural activities has never slowed down since.

In December 5, 1998, we celebrated our first annual Christmas party with a bang! The karaoke singers and the NC choir were the sensation of the night until the “Miss Little Princess” Committee spearheaded by Marietta Tretasco took the center stage. Nine very young beautiful ladies marched down the aisle with their handsome prince charming in tow. The little princesses were; Marijoe Elgar, Mianh Ebo, Luzielle Villadelgado, Tiffany Orias, Kriselle Pons, Jasmin Piquit, Cristine Tretasco, and the Francia twins, Rebecca Ann & Bethany Marie and the prince charmings were; CJ Castaneda, Romel Ibo, Brandon Galvante, Dean Orias, Rayjon Pons, Leander Monte, Jason Elgar, Anthony Piquit and Bingo Passion. Jasmin Piquit, daughter of Emmanuel “Nonong” and Jean Piquit and granddaughter of Boni and Carmen was crowned “Miss Little Princess 1999.”

Our holiday spirit did not end after that hilarious party. We hit the caroling trail on weekends and our first stop was in Alameda, the Saraspi, Relevante, Garcia and Operio family welcomed and sang with us. The following week we were in San Jose where we visited the Bonadio’s, the Nale’s, the Bersabe’s and the Llabres’. The last leg of our caroling was the weekend after Christmas, we visited Tia Consejo in Sunrise Homes and then to Mr and Mrs Felix Velasquez Jr.’s residence in Livermore.

The Nabua Circle hosted the February third Sunday mass at Lady Of Good Counsel Church in San Leandro, the participation of our young ones in the readings during the mass brought praise from Fr. Dura who emphasized the importance our youth’s involvement in our community.


On May 15, 1999, the Installation of Officers Dinner and Dance will be held in Emeryville Holiday Inn. Please make your confirmation by calling Joy Castaneda at (707) 558-8138, Marietta Tretasco at (707) 644-8002, Angie Bonadio at (408) 262-4995 or Boni Piquit at (707) 553-9143. Thank you for your support.

Marietta Tretasco is coordinating a Debutantes Ball for August 1999 anyone interested and for more information please call Marietta at (707) 644-8002


On August 14, 1999, 8 girls ( Steffanie Pontillas Dador, Alicia De La Torre Ferrer, Tina Orbita Leon, Erlyn Ortega Luares, Mabel Relevante O perio, Dianne Ocampo Pontillas, Christine Almazan Tretasco, and Marnie Almazan Tretasco) experienced something few have the opportunity to enjoy and I was lucky enough to be a part of it with friends, family, and loved ones watching. There were a series of memorable events that took place at the San Ramon Marriott.

With glamorous hairstyles and elegant dresses, the entourage took the floor to enjoy a magical affair, that included a father-daughter dance, a serenade, a crowning by the president and first lady of the NC,USA, cutting of the cake and a performance that has been rehearsed for the last 2 months. The grand ball was such a unique and positive experience. It also introduced me to friends that will last for a lifetime. Sharing a night like this with 7 other girls added to the energy that filled the ballroom.

The Nabua Circle, USA, definitely found a way to incorporate the younger generation into its newly spread wings. As a relatively young organization having this magical affair showed us that the youth is absolutely a priority and one of the most important goals for the club. The importance of our younger generation to the future of this club was shown through the perseverance and dedication of the chairpersons of this event. The cotillion is a connection to the interests of youth that should successfully peak our curiosity.

By Marnie Almazan Tretasco

Thank you for dropping in.

(Since October 18, 1999)