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Preparations for surgical mission to CN revs up.

   Preparations for the December 1999 surgical mission to Camarines Norte,
Philippines are in full swing.  Officers and members of BACNA are now
preoccupied raising needed funds, soliciting  donations of surgical equipment
and supplies.  The  surgical team on its own is also collecting whatever
apparatuses, equipment and supplies it can use during the mission from donors,
according to reports.  BACNA president, Romy Salvador, has expressed concern
that the number of patients requiring surgical procedures could be greater
than anticipated, making the need for more equipment and supplies urgent and
imperative.  Much activity has been noted recently among BACNANs in search for
donors, and being a public charitable corporation, they  would like to assure
prospective donors that their donations to BACNA are tax deductible.
   One of BACNA’s fund-raising activities for the surgical mission is a raffle
which will be held on February 14, 1998 at 3:00 P.M., at the Park Plaza, 6363
Christie Avenue, Emeryville, California.  The grand prize, it was learned, is
$1000 in cash money.   In addition, there are minor prizes to be won.
  No less than 30 surgeons and nurses are scheduled to participate, and the
surgical procedures they will perform, according to reliable information, will
be general surgery; open-heart, lung, liver and those that will necessitate
long term confinement, excepted.  It was also gathered (from the report of the
chairperson of the local facilities committee, who recently arrived from
Camarines Norte, to the BACNA president), that the government and private
sectors in Camarines Norte welcome the coming of the surgical mission and have
pledged their full support and cooperation to BACNA and the surgical team.
  The BACNA president has expressed his appreciation to those who have
consistently made good their pledges,  monetary or otherwise.  He, however,
has made a strong appeal  to the members and non-members who made pledges but
have not yet come forth with their promised help to do so as soon as possible.
“The earlier the funds are pooled and tallied, the better and clearer we can
determine whether or not the funds we have will suffice,” he said.   He then
issued another entreaty, this time to all kindhearted people to open up their
hearts and donate a portion of their extra blessings and treasures in support
of the surgical mission in Camarines Norte and to pray for its success.
BACNA has provided the form below to for the convenience of donors.   :
--------------------------------------------------Cut along the
Romy Salvador
President, BACNA
2861 San Pablo Avenue
Berkeley, CA 94702
Romy:  I want to help your organization bring relief by means of surgical
procedures to persons who need surgery but cannot afford the expense.  I am
enclosing (or pledging) the sum of  $___________.  I will make good my pledge
no later than June 15, 1998.  I understand my donation is tax deductible.  I
pray for the success of your surgical mission.  Please acknowledge.
---------------------------------------------Cut along the line and