Mag-iribahan Kita
is the voice of the Bicolanos in the US. Let us re-echo your thoughts.
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Mag-iribahan Kita - a conduit of information for Bikolanos here and abroad

A member organization of the Devotees of Our Lady Virgin of Penafrancia (Devotees), the Bay Area Camarines Norte Association (BAGNA) began publishing a monthly newsletter, the Magiribahan Kita (MK), sometime in 1994 in its desire to provide information to its members on the goings-on in the association. Later, MK saw the need for a written medium of news dissemination among the organizations comprising the Devotees. To fill this need, MK began including in its pages information of interest to the members of the Devotees. The wider coverage entailed a larger outlay of efforts, time and expense for the publication. The need for a regular publication that will serve the members of the Bikol National Association of America (BNAA) has always been one of the nagging concerns of Ramon Relleza, its current president. He saw MK as a possible solution. In an adroit move, Belleza, joined by the Devotees, has made it possible for MK to reach and serve as broad as possible the Bikolano community. Its masthead now shows the logos of BNAA, Devotees and BACNA. MK is now released quarterly. This should provide ample time for the press relation officer of each organization to come out with their press releases to get to print. The editorial staff of MK would like to correspond regularly with all the PRO's of the different organizations to assuage easy exchange of information. Their postal addresses and email addresses are publicized in the MK for access. It would be mutually beneficial if the PRO's or presidents of member organizations would communicate with the BNAA PRO, Manny Alarcon at (415)431-6150 or email at "malarcon@ sj.bigger. net" or "" or any of the editorial staff as printed in MK. MK has been in the web already! Currently, Mkweb is enjoying more than 200 hits a week since it's start in cyberspace last July 6,1998. A hit is a count each time somebody looks in on Mkweb. Manny Alarcon, our Associate Editor and PRO of BNAA and the author of Mkweb, intends to create a web page for member organizations and help every PRO of member organizations to manage the upkeep of their page. Right now, we are visible all over the world wherever there is a computer! Access to our web location is, "" "Mag-iribahan Kita" is also searchable through Yahoo or Altavista. When you get a chance to visit us on the web, please send us your observations.

Newly elected officers of BNAA getting ready for the oath taking in last convention held in San Frncisco

BNAA PRO dares more publication

Echoing the concems of previous PRO's of BNAA, Manuel Alarcon, current PRO, asks presidents of member organizations to provide press releases of their respective organization. Efforts have been made in the past to encourage other organizations to print their activities in the newsletter but as Fred Ramin muses, "I don't understand why other organizations do not print their activities." The current PRO does not have to go too far to experience the trickle of news. Within BNAA itself, press releases are not as frequent as they should be. The PRO oberves that media releases have not yet reach a disciplined level of consistency to provide members, news of their organization. Perhaps, to answer the wondering of Ramin, first, within BNAA itself, committees with on-going projects should release a quarterly report copy furnished the PRO. Since "Mag-iribahan kita" goes to press on a quarterly basis, we will be able to publish regularly and dissiminate the paper to the members. Second, the same is expected of the different organizations. The PRO of each organization with the approval of the respective president could interconnect with the PRO of BNAA for him to provide media exposure through Mag-iribahan kita. The significance of consistent press release make up for a vibrant membership. As Ramon Belleza mentioned in a gathering of organization leaders in the Parafina residence in the Bay Area last Sunday, "We have to reach our members with consistency and let them know what is going on.


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