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Sorsogon Association of California

The Sorsogon Association of Northern California was organized by Governor Juan Frivaldo in October 1984 at a meeting held at Our Lady of Perpetual Help parish hall in Daly City; California. An election of officers was conducted and Dr. Amancio Ergina was elected the first president of this organization. Due to his business abroad, he resigned from the position after a few months. Another election was held and Jesse Dogillo was elected as the second presidenL Mr. Dogillo was unable to finish his term. Mr. Calixto Ereno decided to return to California after closing his business in Chicago, to continue the organization acting as ad hoc president of the club.

At the organizational meeting, the Bicol Circle and the Santa Magdalena club, the oldest Bicol organization in the USA, were represented. Gov. Frivaldo was very pleased to see members of the Balderama, Madrilejos, Ereno, Odena, Gapayao, Ergina, Lim, Nacianceno, Bilbes and Gamit families in attendance.

The Sorsogon Association succeeded the Bicol Cicle in affiliating with the Devotees of Penafrancia, the latter being a charter member of the Bay Area umbrella organization. This club is one of the original charter members of the Bicol National Association of America (BNAA), the nationwide Bicol organization. Mr. Calixto Ereno was the third national president for the year 1987-88.

During the eruption of Mayon Volcano, the organization was involved in the disaster relief effort and in July 1992, hosted the first USA tour of the image of the lady of Penafrancia, Patroness of Bicolandia. This was in response to an appeal for financial support from the Priests Seminary Foundation. In September 1992, the Penafrancia Fiesta was hosted by the Sorsogon Association in a very commendable manner. Towards the end of his term and after the Penafrancia Fiesta,Mr. Calixto Ereno left for Saipan. At that time Mr. Noli Ingua took over his position. Mr. Jimmy Odena was elected as the third president and the current president is Mrs. Thelma Taylor who was elected in August 1996. Induction of the officers for the 2 year term 1997-98 was held in February 1997 at the Clarion Hotel, Millbrae, California.

The Sorsogon Association Supports the BNAA projects, mainly the Operation Pumpwell, Operation Smile, Medical Mission and the Scholarship Fund. Donations were also made to the victims of the disastrous typhoon in Sorsogon in 1993. In 1995 in a joint effort with Books for the Barrios three member families were able to donate children's books to their hometowns of Barcelona, Donsol and Irosin. As long as this organization is active, consciousness and support of civic and religious affairs will continue.

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