Nabua Bay Area Club

In the Beginning: Recapturing back in time, Nabuaenos have long been in the Bay Area dating back to the early fifties. They often grouped together for family parties and outdoor picnics at the various recreational parks. As the years passed through the seventies, Nabuaenos like Mr. & Mrs. Tasong Beltrano, Mr. & Mrs. Felix Velasquez, and Mr. & Mrs. Val Bersabe joined the family group in San Jose, Santa Clara, and Cupertino, California. Their faith and devotion to Our Lady Virgin of Penafrancia established and held the nightly novena prayers at St. Joseph's church in Cupertino, California and Our Lady of Peace church in Santa Clara, California.

Tony Buban of NBAC, in foregroud, guiding friends at the picnic in the marina park.

This was the beginning of the devotion to Our lady Virgin of Penafrancia. Then the Nabua Bay Area Club was organized in 1973, by Mr. & Mrs. Cesar Fortuno Sr. Since then, the NBAC members were actively associated together with the Bay Area Bicol Association to celebrate the Penafrancia Fiesta, headed by Atty. Ramon Belleza, President. The celebrations coincide with the observance and celebration in Naga City; Philippines with religious, social, civic and other activities.

People respond best to people they know. The Bay Area Bicol Association, whose President Ramon Belleza was invited by the late Dr. Neil Parafina and Marcial Villanueva to move the Lady Virgin of Penafrancia celebration to San Leandro, California and hold the religious rite at Our lady of Good Counsel Church. Since then, the Nabua Bay Area Club (NBAC) was inspired to participate actively.

In 1980, the Nabua Bay Area Club formally joined the membership of the Penafrancia celebration. Dominic Moreno was the NBAC President. He was the first NBAC president to participate in the yearly rotation system of the Penafrancia celebration. The NBAC became well known as a member of the Big Five Bicol organizations at that time; The Iriga Bicol Association of America, The Bay Area Bicol Association, Oasnon U.S.A., Bicol Circle (Sorsogon) and the Nabua Bay Area Club.

In 1985 and 1993, NBAC hosted the Penafrancia. The NBAC has always been actively participating in the yearly rotation celebration since then.

In 1990, Devotees of Our Lady Virgin of Penafrancia was formed. Antonio Buban, President of the NBAC and member of the Board of Directors of the Devotees was one of the twelve members of the incorporators. It was registered as a non-profit organization.

Presenting an entertainment number during the 1997 fiesta, are some courageous Nabuaenos.

The enshrinement is a gesture of hard work for the Devotees of which the NBAC is an integral part. The result of this hard work is a history-making event that will help future generations of Bicolanos continue our devotion to Our Lady Virgin of Penafrancia that will now be enshrined at Our Lady of Good Counsel Church in San Leandro, California.

By direction of the new 1998 NBAC President Ining Basinal, this article of historical research is a synergistic contribution to the Devotees of Our Lady Virgin of Penafrancia on the occasion of the enshrinement.

Prepared by: Antonio Buban
Past President, NBAC 1990-91

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(Since October 18, 1999)

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