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In the late 1980's, small groups of alumni from the Ateneo de Naga would met informally, typically to entertain visitors from Naga City or more particularly from the Ateneo de Naga. Those were occasions to catch up on news from the old school and of Bikol in general. It was during one of those occasions, that word of the struggle to keep the Ateneo de Naga from closure was the topic of interest and concern. Taking the cue from the alumni associations in Manila and Naga, the alumni in the San Francisco Bay Area came together to rally support for the alma mater. In November 1990, the ADNAA/NC was officially convened at the residence of Levi and Sally Segarra at Hayward, CA. The constitution and by-laws were drafted and approved and the first set of officers were elected for the 2 year term. A newsletter, the Blue and Gold USA, was authorized. While the membership of approximately 60 alumni came mostly from the San Francisco Bay Area, there were members from Santa Cruz to the south, Santa Rosa to the North and as far as Sacramento to the east... and one member from Texas! The primary objectives of the new association were:
preseve ties with the Alma Mater
promote and maintain unity among the members
network with alumni
participate in religious activities especially devotions to Our Lady Virgin of Penafrancia
promote the Filipino culture and heritage

Soon after official organization, the ADNAA/NC was admitted to the Devotees of Our Lady of Penafrancia and became very active in that devotion. The first action of the new association to support the Ateneo de Naga was the creation of the perpetual member - an alumni who made the specified donation for the perpetual scholarship fund sponsored by the Ateneo de Naga. In 1992, the first $3,000 fund was completed and the first scholarship sponsored by the ADNAA/NC was awarded. The ADNAA/NC did not stop there. In 1995, ADNAA was the host organization of the festivities to celebrate the Penafrancia Fiesta in the SF Bay Area and the 25th Anniversary of the formation of the Devotees.

A meeting of bicolanos in quest of the good for the many
In July 1996, the second All Ateneo Alumni Association Convention was held in San Francisco - and ADNAA/NC was the host to alumni of all the six Ateneo schools in the Philippines and their respective Presidents and representatives.

By 1997, ADNAA/NC was prominently recognized by the Ateneo de Naga as one of the leading supporters of the scholarship fund with three perpetual scholarship funded.

The current set of elected officers (1997-1998) are:

CALOY ORINO, Treasurer

Past Presidents:
IEVI SEGARRA 1991-1992

The ADNAA/NC is also among the first Ateneo alumni organizations to establish a web page on the Internet, created and maintained by Mags Pasadilla (

Members can be proud of their alumni association because they can point to their hard work in support of its objectives and affirmation of the credo of the Ateneo de Naga: Primum Regnum Dei - (First, the Kingdom of God)

News brief: Third All Ateneo Alumni International Convention

The Third All Ateneo Alumni International Convention hosted by Ateneo Alumni of British Clumbia, held at Delta Pacific Hotel Resort, Vancouver B.C., July 2-5, 1998, Ateneo de Naga Alumni Association of Northern California, member of the DOLVP and the BNAA was represented by the following Alumni from the the Bay Area: Nito Martires, President 1997-1998, Vicenta Satuito-Tena, Ed.D., immediate Past President, Jonee Magdaraog, past President, Ernesto Beda Tena, immediate past Secretary, Bong Antioquia, 2nd Vice-President, Jovic Fabregas and George Geronimo. Also in attendance were: Charito Martires, Puree Magdaraog, Cora Antioquia, Girlie Fabregas, Estelle Geronimo, Mags Pasadilla and wife Jhoi. The theme of the Convention was: "Building Bridges and Creating Networks". 120 delegates coming from all over continental United States and the Philippines were in attendance. All Presidents of the Ateneos in the Philippines were also present.

The 18th Annual BNAA convention in New York, August 1-2, 1998 will be represented by BABA, Ramon N. Belleza, President, Ateneo de Naga Alumni Association of Northern Califoria by Vicenta Satuito-Tena, immediate past president and Ernesto Beda Tena, past Secretary and will also represent Oasnon, U.S.A. as duly authorized by Oasnon U.S.A. President Rolly Millena, Chapter member association of BNAA. Mr. Belleza is the President of the Bicol National Association of America.(By: Ernie Tena)

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