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Mag-iribahan Kita

Mag-iribahan Kita is a vernacular term (Bicol for Bicolanos of Southern Luzon, Philippines) which means "Let's Join Together." This is basically a community newsletter involving Bicolanos now residents of the United States. In its banal way, this newsletter hopes to provide more than a means of information exchange among the Bicolanos in the United States and the world over. It also purports to express itself to a larger community of readers interested in knowing about the Bicol subculture. view larger image

The World Famous MAYON VOLCANO of the Bicol Region, renowned for its almost perfect cone, rising majestically into the clouds.

Bicol Region: Albay!Camarines Norte!Camarines Sur!Catanduanes!Masbate! Sorsogon

Community News Round-Up

  • Camarines Norte surgical mission returns triumphant!
    BACNA and surgical team will return January 2001.

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    Left Photo: 6th from left is the governor of C. Norte, Jesse Pimentel. In the forefront are members of BACNA who voluteered for the mission.
    Right Photo: Members of the surgical team headed by Dr. Tony Abiog, 7th from the left, standing, are taking a respite from their work.

    BACNAns rededicated themselves to help again the indigents from their province by unanimously approving a new mission to Camarines Norte in January 2001. Having heard from Dr. Tony Abiog and after listening to observations from volunteers Erna Auro, Fechie and Marv Alarcon, Doris Palado and Becky Chavez, newly elected president Manny Alarcon restarted the drive to fulfill mission 2001. Romy Salvador, past president of BACNA describes the recent project, the Surgical Mission 2000 in Daet, a tremendous success. "There were lots of hitches no doubt, but somehow we were able to overcome them," he reports. The estimate of 150 procedures for the entire period of the mission was surpassed. A total of 196 procedures -- 46 major, and 104 minor, cases; 25 ophtha procedures; and 21 plastic surgeries 3 more cases that could no longer be attended due to time constraints, were referred to the Bicol Medical Center in Naga City. The ophtha procedures were done by volunteer doctors from Manila. All these were performed by a total of six surgeons headed by Dr. Tony Abiog. The surgical mission to Daet, C. Norte, Philippines was also supported by the Society of Philippine Surgeons in America.

    Surgical Mission 2001 to C. Norte
    Preparation for Surgical Mission 2001 is underway. Project director and BACNA VP, Erna Auro, is laying the broad plan for the mission. Supported by Maia Williams and Fechie Alarcon, VP on fund raising and administration, respectively, total coordination of different undertakings like the fund raising project spearheaded by Doris Palado, supplies and equipment acquisition by Marv Alarcon with Erna and Ivy Alarcon is in place. BACNA invites volunteers, especially those with OR experience. Please call Erna for mission related questions at (510)758-4771 or Manny Alarcon at (415) 431-6150. Equally, doctors who would like to know more about the upcoming mission may call Dr. Tony Abiog at (213) 977-2494 or (408) 354-3772.

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    With nothing more than a sense of altruism, the surgical team went straight into the serious phase of the mission to Camarines Norte. They are seen here in one of the many surgeries that they did, all for free.

  • Bicolanos throughout the US celebrate the feast of Our Lady of Penafrancia.

  • San Francisco/Bay Area Penafrancia celebration
    The 1999 SF/Bay Area Penafrancia Schedule
    Penafrancia celebration in San Diego, Ca
    Bicol Association of Tidewater, Viriginia, celebrates Penafrancia
    Penafrancia Festival of Bicol USA - Houston Chapter

    BNAA Holds 20th National Convention in Las Vegas!
    In a press release to Mag-Iribahan Kita, the Bicolanos of Nevada, Inc. Las Vegas Chapter, announced the 20th BNAA Convention will be held at the Monte Carlo Resort & Casino (800-311-8999). It will be only a one-day affair, a departure from the usual 3-day gathering. The Bicolanos of Nevada, the host organization of the convention could be reached at (702)-438-3985.
    Read BNAA's 20th Convention

  • Other Stories

  • Bicolanos of Nevada (BON) Join BNAA; A Glimpse of BON History

    BACNA strives to bring anew surgical relief to C. Norte, Philippines, in January 2001.

    This humble hovel, while unimaginable for others to seek shelter in, is the kind that so many people reside in. It is hardly a defense against the elements but not having other options forces them to make do.

    Cognizant of the plight of their impoverished countrymen in Camarines Norte, Philippines, BACNA has unrelentlessly been dispatching aid to Camarines Norte in the form of food, clothing, books, medicine, and many others. In January 2001, a new surgical mission is planned. BACNA president Manny Alarcon, announces a joint venture with the volunteer Surgeons in America led by Dr. Antonio Abiog, for this mission.

    The Bicolano Story

    Fellow Bicolanos, if you belong to any Bicol organization not now a member of the Bikol National Association of America (BNAA), please extend this note to your club as an invitation to inquire about BNAA or become one of the different Bicol organizations that now compose the BNAA. Simply click this and ask for information about BNAA. Read Toribio's Inaugural Address



    The Image of Our Lady on board a boat with KC Eugenio Pacelli Assembly color corps escorts, Sept. 1999.

    Devotees along the banks of the marina, singing as the INA goes on fluvial procession.

    I was a cynic too. But this is for real!

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    Bicol USA - Houston Chapter hosts convention, July 16-18, 1999 with a thunderous success!

    The Bicol USA - Houston Chapter simply overwhelmed the delegates from different parts of the country with its homegrown brand of hospitatlity. Superlatives would not be enough to describe the degree of fraternity that the members have shared with their fellow Bicolanos.


    A Documentary
    by: Zayda Ordonez Baron

    As in so many barrangays or towns all over Bicol, residents of Buenavista, Gubat in Sorsogon enjoy the generosity that flows from the pumpwells of BNAA.

    The thirst for hometown news is always unquenchable. Mag-iribahan Kita invites your feedback via its email that we may provide a continuing relay of the Bicol stories to our readers. Let us hear from you soon!

    Our Lady Virgin of Penafrancia is enshrined!
    After a long and patient endeavours, Bicolanos now residing in San Francisco Bay Area, California, has a permanent place to venerate Our Lady, patroness of Bicolandia.

    Fr. Jess Esplana retells how the Penafrancia celebration started from as far back as the discovery of the original image in Spain, to the present.


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